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But again, don't freak out—our bodies need our discharge to cleanse the vagina and restore its p H balance.

Still, there’s no need to feel super soggy, so try wearing a pantiliner with your undies the next time you get dressed.

Also, make sure that you’re wearing breathable cotton underwear (nothing too tight) as that can create added moisture that you definitely don’t want.

Sexually transmitted diseases are infections, usually bacterial but sometimes caused by fungi or viruses, that are specifically passed from one person to another through any sort of sexual contact.

It’s considered the most common sexually transmitted infection in the country.

The other half of women experience abdominal pain and vaginal discharge.So much as kissing a chancre can actually spread the disease.In most women, this first stage will resolve on its own, though the disease can come back months later.It requires moist, warm surfaces, including the urethra, the vagina, the rectum, and even the back of the throat.In the vagina, gonorrhea bacteria are most likely to be found in the cervix.

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